L0 Alpha
4% minted
In the digital cosmos where data streams glide,
Layerzero's canvas stretches far and wide.
zkSync's rhythms, nimble and clean,
Chart courses unknown, in the vast unseen.

Arkham's enigma, in cryptic shades cast,
Heralds of ventures, linking to the past.
Uniswap's currents, mysterious and deep,
Guarding secrets that they silently keep.

dYdX charts paths on the trading sea's crest,
While Maverick's spirit outshines all the rest.
Arbitrum and Optimism, side by side,
Forge trails of light, where dreams coincide.

Yet, not in words, but in silent decree,
Gifts from the void, to the faithful, come free.
A dance of code, where fortunes unveil,
On the blockchain's tide, we set our sail.