RAW Brainstorming: Digital Halloween Stories Pt.2
In the foreboding cityscape not far from the familiar dimensions known to man, lived a woman, Nisha, who bore a chilling secret. Hidden within the shadowy corners of her mind was a ghastly anomaly, an actual light bulb. But this bulb was no regular implement; it was a peculiar entity that glowed an eerie luminescence with every whisper of Nisha's thoughts, dispersing a supernatural energy capable of distorting reality.

Each flicker of the light warped her surroundings in strange, unpredictable, sometimes terrifying ways. With her thoughts manipulating reality, the world around her would twist and deform in unsettling patterns. Her life painted a tableau steeped in the uncanny tones of a female Frankenstein movie, an uneasy mix of human innovation and monstrous outcomes.

Just as the misunderstood creature from the iconic horror film, Nisha too had to grapple with her morbidly exceptional nature. The hellish glow within her psyche blurred the boundary between genius and insanity...