Coin by Jan Robert Leegte
Creating art on the internet since 1997, renowned artist Jan Robert Leegte’s work has been featured in prestigious venues such as Centre Pompidou, The Whitechapel Gallery, ZKM, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, van Gogh Museum, and the Ludwig Museum.

The artwork, Coin (2023), is a creative interpretation of an NFT that playfully conceals its identity, appearing as a button, clock, spinner, and even assuming the form of a valuable coin. It serves as an extension of Jan Robert Leegte's exploration into interface culture, encompassing themes like skeuomorphism and the phenomenology of software. Each coin is generated and stored on-chain as an SVG, and therefore unique in appearance and spin. Coin comes in four different materials increasing in rarity - "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", "Hyper Link", and “Void”. Minters of Coin can also choose to mint on either Ethereum, OP Mainnet, Base, or Zora Network.

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