Ritual, Reincarnation, and Gravity | Nomemene
Nomemene is an artist based in Japan who works with painting, photography, A.I.,
sculpture, and writing to develop experimental and combined approaches towards new
ideas of digital painting that eschew boundaries between media for the sake of
presenting unified works under new rubrics of the screen. They are at the forefront of a
new generation of digital painters that recognize anime as a default global language for
exploring contemporary themes of pain, existence, death, transformation, and the soul.
Ritual, Reincarnation, and Gravity expands on these ideas flattening the static image, time
based act of painting, and movement around a sculptural arrangement into a singular
experience. The video that provides a ground for Nomemene’s painterly interruptions
was recorded at the site of a crumbling fishing shack near Nomemene’s home that they
often utilize as a site for temporary sculptures and exhibitions whose documentation
become the base of new painting and video works.