animated drifella | Evil Biscuit
In a twisted animated depiction, Drifella stands unsettlingly jubilant, wielding a bazooka, its contours aglow with a haunting radiance. Blood splatters, a macabre symphony against the backdrop, accentuating the grim visage of this monstrous entity.

Evil biscuit an enigmatic harbinger of Avant Dark Formalism, ushers forth a surreal journey with his project “DriFella.”;- Amidst the tragic demise of Dratini, a soul-crushing void descends, only to be pierced by the arrival of a Shinigami, an ethereal entity bearing keys to the realm of the deceased. A pact unfolds, merging the essence of Mifella’s mysterious soul with the remnants of the fallen Dratini, birthing the grotesque titan known as DriFella.
Layers within Evil Biscuit's creations bleed and coalesce, blurring structured boundaries into a cacophony of unknown orders. The Trickster emerges from a feverish yearning, seeking to transcend the banality of profile pictures, yet often bordering on a manic escape from image saturation’s