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In the realm of magic, my journey began with a fascination for crafting potions, But as I delved deeper into this mystical realm, I found myself drawn to the allure of darkness, an abyss that beckoned me with promises of the unknown.
Each bottle, meticulously crafted, cradles a concoction of venom or blood, not just any mundane mixture but one that is animated with captivating entities. Imagine rare flowers with untold powers or exotic bugs, all suspended in the venom or blood that whisper tales of ancient secrets and forbidden knowledge.

The collection unfolds a series of bottles, each telling its dark fairy tale. The stark contrast of black venom against the vibrancy of life held within creates a mesmerizing paradox.
The vivid imagery of a multitude of eyes adrift in snake venom, set against a backdrop of deep red, might send a shiver down your spine, yet it holds a strange, almost magnetic charm that compels you to explore further into this collection.

Venom is a fully hand-drawn, generative NFT collection, each piece in this collection is illustrated in the Procreate application, and in some parts got help from the Illustrator application, I created the layers that are needed for the generation process. Then for generating, I used Node.js scripts, generated multiple times, and checked every piece of 2024 images to make sure all of the arts were perfect, after this I used IPFS to host the images and metadata forever.

It's an invitation to a world where the macabre dances with the magnificent, and every drop of venom and blood holds a story waiting to be unraveled.