How do I get my NFT project on

If your contract is deployed, you can access it immediately by going to address.

As soon as a handful of wallets mint your contract, will automatically create buttons on your page for all known minting options.

Why should I promote my page instead of a custom project site?

The typical user mints 5x more NFTs than other wallets! Mint out faster by promoting your page – and promote your own project site, too! connects wallets directly to your contract, so it’s just like minting on your own site or Etherscan.

What kinds of NFTs do you support? currently supports Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts. If you want us to support other blockchains or formats, please DM us on Twitter about it.

When will my project appear in the Trending section?

The faster your project is minting, and the more wallets participating, the higher the project will climb in the Trending section.

Pro-tip: when people mint your project directly from, it boosts your ranking on the Trending page even more. So be sure to share the link to your page with your community even if you have your own project site.

What if my project is sold out or has an allowlist?

If your project is sold out, or only provides gated minting options (such as an allowlist or token requirement), then your project may not show up in the Trending or Free sections (but will still be accessible via direct link). As long as your project has at least one non-gated minting option, it will qualify to trend on the homepage.

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