How do I launch an NFT project on

If your contract is deployed, you can access it immediately by going to address.

Mint buttons will show up automatically after people start minting.

Can I add mint buttons before I launch so I can use as my launch page?

Yes! If you are the contract deployer, connect your wallet to and you will be able to add mint option buttons manually from your project page settings. It is best to verify your contract on Etherscan before this step.

How do I customize my project page?

To customize your project page, select the “Customize” icon on the project page. From there, you can choose from themes and customize the page's layout and button design, as well as upload different types of media.

Do I need to have mint options set to customize my project?

No, you can customize your project before having any mint options available. This is a great time to get your project page looking styled before any user traffic is going to it.

How often can i change the theme during a mint?

You can switch between themes at any time. However, please note that changing templates may result in some elements of your page being reset or rearranged and changes are visible immediately after saving.

What happens to my previous theme changes if I switch themes?

Changing templates may result in some elements of your page being reset or rearranged. However, your custom media uploads and custom button color will still be preserved.

You can always revert back to the default theme by selecting it in the editor.

Do I need to put anything specific in my contract or give my functions specific names?

No, it doesn’t matter what you call the mint functions, will pick them up automatically.

How can I remove mint options from my project?

This isn't possible just yet, but will be added to our creator tools soon!

For different numbers of mints per transaction, do I need a function for each number?

No, just leave the number as a parameter in the mint function. You can set that parameter on or it will be picked up automatically.

What if my project has an allowlist?

Upload your allowlist at (an open source allowlist standard we built) and we will only show your project to people on the list (or we will show the relevant options to people on the list, and any public mint options to everyone else).

What kinds of NFTs do you support? currently supports Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts. If you want us to support other blockchains or formats, please DM us on Twitter about it.

When will my project appear in the Trending section?

The faster your project is minting, and the more wallets participating, the higher the project will climb in the Trending section.

Who is behind is built by the team at Context.

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