Maintaining Independence & Pushing Music as Fine Art with Domino - W3CS S1.E7
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The Web3 Creator Show Season 1 Episode 7 welcomes Domino, a multidisciplinary music artist focusing on building worlds around his music through film, fine art, dance and more. Intentional creation is one of the themes of his work, along with real world storytelling and manifestation. Domino is currently working on volume 2 of his trilogy, Presessence.

01:00 Pioneering in the web3 music space a
03:52 Multidisciplinary arts on the blockchain
05:30 History of fine arts and music consumption
08:50 Attention economy vs. the ownership economy
14:14 Pricing music
17:07 Artist sovereignty
20:20 Owning distribution in web3
22:23 Window of Opportunity
26:10 Domino’s excitement for the future of web3 music
30:00 Building loyalty with your community through live performances
36:07 Rapid Fire
50:50 Outro

Iridescent by TAROT

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