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The Warriors
3,333 Warriors. Each with their own personality and style, find yourself in a little-known but promising place called Web 3.

Together, they are determined to push back the barriers of this new environment and participate in its evolution while attacking those who wish for its destruction. This is why the Warriors, cute at first glance, are armed to the teeth.

Phase 1: The Warriors Universe
Creation of a unique and intergenerational universe ready to be pushed on the blockchain. Development of the Warriors brand on Web 2 & Web 3 with an educational touch.

Phase 2: The Warriors Experience
Development of our first scalable dApp on Web 3 to use your Warriors. Carry out missions to make them progress while participating in environmental and societal actions.

Phase 3: E-Sports Community
Follow Tyler and his team in their quest for trophies. The Warriors Club becomes the first Web 3 fan club of an E-Sports team that we'll build from scratch.