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Hooliverse is a collection of moody Hoolies, hand-drawn and made up of hundreds of exciting visual traits, including dozens of rare characters, costumes, devices, and colorways of the artist's palette.
Get ready to dive into the captivating world of HoolieVerse, where the one-eyed philosophy unites diverse communities across the vast landscape of Web 3.0.

Once upon a time in the Hoolieverse, a dimension bursting with colors and laughter, there lived a character like no other—Hoolie, the ultimate meme master. Hoolie's existence was a never-ending party, where hilarious antics and joyful pranks were the norm. In this zany realm, aggression and wars were banned because who has time for that when you can pull epic pranks on your friends?

One day, while Hoolie was cruising through the cosmic expanse in a spaceship made entirely of rubber ducks, disaster struck. The ship crash-landed on Earth, and Hoolie emerged from the wreckage with a bewildered expression. Two-eyed Earthlings surrounded him, their faces buried in gadgets, completely unaware of the hysterical potential of their own planet.

Hoolie scratched their head, or whatever they had that resembled a head, and wondered, "Why aren't these Earthlings having the time of their lives? Don't they know they're sitting on a goldmine of comedic opportunities?" They seemed stuck in a vortex of loneliness, scrolling through their gadgets while the hilarity of nature went unnoticed.

Determined to inject laughter back into their lives, Hoolie embarked on a mission to spread mirth and bring the art of meme-making to Earth. Armed with a collection of rubber chickens and an encyclopedic knowledge of internet humor, Hoolie set out to befriend the Earthlings and teach them the ways of the memeiverse.

Hoolie organized spontaneous dance-offs in shopping malls, where even the grumpiest of Earthlings couldn't resist busting a move. They introduced an army of giggling kittens to office buildings, turning dreary meetings into uncontrollable fits of laughter. Hoolie even convinced a few squirrels to engage in epic acorn battles, providing entertainment that rivaled any blockbuster movie.

As the Earthlings embraced Hoolie's meme magic, laughter spread like wildfire across the planet. People started trading memes instead of insults, turning conflicts into epic roasting sessions. Wars were replaced with absurd dance battles, and politicians settled their differences through meme competitions. The Earth became a giant playground of laughter and joy.

With every chuckle and every viral meme, the Earth transformed. Flowers bloomed with extra color, and even the birds in the sky started tweeting hilarious one-liners. The world had become a living, breathing meme, and Hoolie was the crowned king of laughter.

From that day forward, the Hoolieverse and Earth intertwined, creating a hilarious cosmic mash-up. Memes and pranks became a way of life, and the Earthlings reveled in the absurdity of it all. Hoolie's influence grew to legendary proportions, with people donning rainbow wigs and rubber chicken costumes to honor their meme master.