Neander Bros
3,333 Neander Bros breaking out onto the Blockchain.

The Neander Bros are an intelligent species of caveman looking beings inhabiting the dinosaur ridden land of Az'Kalon. Although the Neander Bros were at first human looking beings (Human Bros), generations of expanding across, and inhabiting different regions of Az'Kalon have resulted in the evolution of 3 other races: Mer Bros, Rock Bros, and Bird Bros. There is very little communication between the 4 tribes, but each tribe is aware of the existence of the other three Tribes.

Each tribe of Neander Bros exists for the protection and survival of their respective tribes as their day to day functions normally consist of fending off large unruly Dinos while hunting near their lands for smaller ones they can use for sustenance. Every member of the tribe is a single part of a larger whole, a family. That's how their ancestors survived and that is how they will thrive going forward.