BTC Punks
Bitcoin Punks are the first byte-perfect uploads of the original Ethereum CryptoPunks onto the Bitcoin Blockchain using Ordinal theory. Bitcoin Punk holders operate this website, the Twitter and Discord to proliferate the story of Bitcoin Punks.

To make this site, we checked the hash of every image uploaded to Bitcoin Ordinals and compared it against the original 10k punk images. Bitcoin Punks are the first-seen Ordinals inscriptions (lowest ID) that contain these hashes. The "mint" or "inscribing" process was free, fair and open. This is Phase 1 of 5. Phase 1 is 1,999 1:1 Animated BTC Punks.

Bitcoin Punks have the lowest total inscription numbers of any 10k collection in Bitcoin Ordinals, ranging from 89 to 34,399. The latest inscription number is well over 30 million. They inspired the notorious BRC-20 protocol and many other meta protocols on Bitcoin.