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Inside the Mind of Tyler Givens
Tyler Givens is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is a fantastical domain of boundless freedom and lore. Working with traditional mediums and digital technologies, his work pushes at the limits of how a figure is rendered and animated and how a story is formed, told, and received. Inspired by the existentialism found in his favorite anime, the flamboyance of 00s fashion imagery, and his Church upbringing, his work explores themes of sex, escapism, and the end of the world through his queer, black lens.

This open-edition mint is a digital collectible produced in collaboration with Zora Labs, who filmed and edited the accompanying video. The video explores the home studio and creative process of Tyler Givens, aka Tyl000rd.

This video is released in conjunction with Givens' latest NFT, which was created and minted as part of the 2023 QMoDA Artist Grant Program — more information about Tylers's edition and other artists involved in the QMoDA Artist Grant Program can be found at [](

QMoDA aims to create a supportive environment in the web3 space for Trans and Queer artists to thrive. We do this by collecting and preserving art on-chain, supporting artists financially, and looking for expansive ways to preserve cultural contributions by Trans and Queer creators globally.

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