3,333 PFPs for $CRAZY
Airdrop 02/01/24
1 WTFrog Mint = 1,000,000 $CRAZY

Join a community that's as diverse and lively as the Crazy Frog fandom. Connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the cultural significance of Crazy Frog and want to take it to the moon on Ethereum!

Thug Ass Gangster Vibes
The essence of Crazy Frog's iconic stance is reflected in $CRAZY. This crypto brings the thug-ass gangster energy to the world of decentralized finance, making a statement that's loud, proud, and unforgettable.

Legacy on the Blockchain
$CRAZY isn't just a meme; it's a digital asset with a legacy dating back to 2003. Now, you can be a part of this legacy by holding $CRAZY on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring its presence in the crypto space forever.

Viral by Nature
From thug-ass gangster vibes to meme-worthy merchandise and global viral challenges, $CRAZY effortlessly integrates itself into the cultural zeitgeist.