Team On-Chain
With each passing day, more and more people are switching from “on-chain” to “onchain.” While this may seem like a harmless choice, thousands of innocent hyphens are losing their place in the world. No longer needed to hold “on-chain” together, these hyphens are in need of a loving place to call home. What if you could make a difference in a hyphen’s life forever?

Introducing the Adopt-a-Hyphen program. For the next 3 days, you can adopt a hyphen and give it a new home…right in your wallet! To adopt a hyphen, simply mint an Adoption Ticket. Each Adoption Ticket can be redeemed to adopt one hyphen. As is their nature, each hyphen lives fully on-chain and is rendered in solidity as cute, generative ASCII art. Upon redeeming your Adoption Ticket, you’ll enjoy the surprise of finding out what kind of hyphen you got!

Mint on Zora today and adopt your hyphen at