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Box Breath
On this Equinox, when the earth is in perfect balance with equal hours of light & dark, we have the opportunity to align with the balance of nature. One of my favorite ways to do this is through breathwork and I want to share this simple practice with you.

The box breath has four parts, each done for four counts. Sometimes I like to imagine that I'm drawing a square in my mind as I practice each part.

Box breath steps:

◻︎ inhale for a count of 4
◻︎ hold for a count of 4
◻︎ exhale for a count of 4
◻︎ hold for a count of 4

♾ repeat 4-8 rounds ♾

This practice is balancing and stabilizing for your nervous system. As you settle into your rhythm of breathing, may you feel it harmonize your body & mind. It is a great practice to return to anytime you feel scattered, stressed or in need of grounding. I recommend completing at least four rounds to feel a shift in your energy.

May this practice serve you well.
Thank you for supporting my creative expressions!

Much love,