In a small town nestled in the valley, beyond the dusty plains and barren hills, there was a legend whispered among the locals about a giant woman who lived off the beaten path. She was said to rest in the open fields with her back facing against the world. To some, the giant woman was nothing more than a myth. But to those who had seen her with their own eyes, they say she was so enormous that she made mountains look small and trees tremble.

Those that saw her and lived to tell the tale knew better. They knew that she was a marvel of nature that should be respected. The others were intimidated by her and feared what she might do if left to her own devices, so they placed a bounty on her head. They thought that maybe, just maybe, someone would be brave enough to take her down. But no one dared. No one until three young men came along, drawn in by the promise of riches, glory, and the challenge of capturing such a rare creature. Despite warnings from the locals that those who crossed her path with ill intentions were never seen again, the men were undeterred. Their minds were set on capturing her, claiming their prize, and becoming heroes.

As they made their way up the winding road, they marveled at the scenery around them. The sun was high in the sky, casting a warm glow over the mountains and the vastness of the land. The lush trees and chirping birds almost made them forget about the danger they were heading towards.

When they finally arrived at the green light, the air grew still and heavy. Their hearts sank as they caught their first glimpse of her. The mountains loomed above them like watchful sentinels as the sunlight speckled the ground. She sat motionless and hunched over with her back to them, seemingly unaware of their presence. She was a behemoth and yet, there was a sense of vulnerability to her - a fragility that belied her massive size. She was much larger than they had imagined, which made them hesitate for a moment before coming closer. With a sense of bravado and their greed overpowering their inhibitions, they proceeded to charge toward her.

Before they could even try to touch her, she suddenly turned around and faced them. Her eyes bore into them, filled with a quiet rage that seemed to shake the earth beneath their feet. She let out a deafening roar that echoed through the mountains as a forewarning. The men froze, their hearts pounding in their chests, knowing they had made a grave mistake. It startled them deeply, but the three young men were emboldened by numbers and blinded by the allure of the bounty that awaited them. They had come this far and had no intention on leaving empty-handed.

Aware of their intentions, she made an example out of them in broad daylight. She didn't need guns or blood to do it. With a flick of her wrist, she sent them flying through the air, their bodies curled up and scattered around her. The men tried to get up and run, but their bodies wouldn't move. She let out a booming laugh that pierced through the valley. "You men are foolish to think you could capture me," she said. "I am not some prize to be acquired and sold. I am a living being, just like you. If you had only approached me with respect and kindness, I would have welcomed you with open arms." She then placed them in an eternal slumber and within arm’s reach, to serve as the town’s chilling reminder that some things were meant to be left alone.

And as the sun sank below the horizon and the shadows lengthened, she settled back into her resting place, a giant among men, her presence a phenomenon that could not be tamed.

For days, the townsfolk talked of nothing else but the fate of those three men. They had thought that the giantess was a myth, a legend passed down from generation to generation. But now they knew the truth.

Years went by, and the giant woman remained in her resting place. She became a monument to the power and mystery of the natural world, a symbol of the consequences of greed and recklessness. The town learned to respect her, to leave her be in the broad daylight where she sat. And so, the legend of the giant woman lived on, whispered in hushed tones by the wary and the fearful, a reminder of the mysteries that lay beyond the beaten path.

Digital 3500px by 4375px collage made with love by yours truly in Procreate. Concept, title, and storyline also made with love by yours truly.
Story written in collaboration with ChatGPT.