CPF: 006

"What if we are moving beyond-post? We have been stuck in a cultural washing machine lacking any sort of creativity other than regurgitating past movements to define future possibilities. The spark of creativity and optimism has been lost or so I thought. Through this newfound ambient wokeness and clout shifting we are seeing overlaps and connections being made that are impossible to label. This has prompted a whole scene and many of its participants to ask “How do we define this?” The irony soaked rhetoric has been dropped and replaced with an air of endless opportunity. Opportunities to create new worlds, ones that are full of life, creativity, and friendship. Opportunities that lift others up and give microphones to new voices. If you were at a party a friend invited you to and you had a chance to speak on a subject that would be on a widely held podcast or platform, would you feel like you finally had an entry point into culture? This seems to be one of the largest issues with contemporary culture is the idea that everyone can express themselves but no one has access to scenes. What new potentials could this bring to intensify the amount of voices part of the conversation? A constant ebbing and flowing catalyzing new energy, direction, and ultimately a new world.

The future is bright. The future is yet to be defined but, I'm here to tell you there are people/groups thinking and expanding our vocabulary to articulate how things are remembered. The breadth of our adjectives are growing by the day and so are the possibilities of our future. Through the collapse we find new inspiration and ultimately see the world in ways that were not possible before. Embrace ambient wokeness. Embrace nuance. Embrace optimism. Embrace our future."

**excerpt from GLACIAL SURVEY 01