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Dawn Wallet x NOMO Nouns
To commemorate the beginning of a special collaboration between **[Dawn Wallet](** and **[NOMO Nouns](**, we are introducing this free special Open Edition, featuring art by the talented illustrator **[Pumey Arts.](** (He won our recent Dawn x NOMO Art Contest on **[The Noun Square](** to have his piece featured here.)

We are excited to educate our community on how they can use Dawn Wallet to safely and securely interact on the Ethereum blockchain while using iOS's native Safari browser. **[You can download Dawn Wallet here for Ethereum apps in the fewest taps!](**

Dawn Wallet has also introduced a new walk-through page that teaches their new users how to mint a NOMO Noun as their first NFT... **[Check that explainer out here!](**

NOMO Nouns is a dangerously fun game developed by The Noun Square as an interactive experience for guests of our Daily Twitter Spaces show *Noun O' Clock LIVE.* Every day, our audience plays the game and chooses which NOMO Noun will be born, and then that NFT can be collected at **[NOMO.WTF](** for 24H to join the NOMO Community!

This Open Edition is a collectible art NFT, and by minting it for free today, you can show your support of The Noun Square, NOMO Nouns and Dawn wallet, and prove that you were here when our special collaboration began!