MOPOP Museum 𝓕𝓲𝓮𝓵𝓭 𝓣𝓻𝓲𝓹
On Sunday, Feb. 19th 2023, Leo + I left Vancouver at the crack o dawn to visit the MOPOP Museum in Seattle with CY! I'd never been so close to the space needle! Special shout outs to REM on the FaceTime!

Seeing the museum exhibits for Pearl Jam, Jimmy Hendrix, and most notably Nirvana, was incredibly inspiring. As CY, Ana and I dig into building our museum-before-[NFT]-gift-shop, getting to see an irl museum exhibit offered crucial context for what we're creating.

The text bubbles around this collage (blue = me, grey = CY) show us discussing the Nirvana exhibit in real time. Left to right, they read:
- "Put out their own magazine, put out their own records, made their own graphics"
- This is kind of amazing - how the lore around the Pacific Northwest underground scene made it desirable to fans from UK and Europe. "That mythology helped sell the product"
- Is web3 the new punk rock diy ??

As we curate an online museum exhibition of my artistic works "prehumously" I'm tasked with telling my own story (in contrast to the more common occurrence of *others* telling an artist's story *posthumously*). At the end of our meeting today, I reflected on the fact that this has always been my intention; to be transparent and completely authentic in my personal story-telling.

While I am finding this to be empowering, it is also a remarkably vulnerable exercise. Yes, I see myself perhaps clearer than ever, and I also find my deepest values laid bare, my beingness exposed.

But just past the tenderness of telling my deepest Truths, like a warm light through the mist, I feel the patient potential for my deepest desires to be quietly realized: "Might I be seen, might I be accepted, and maybe, just maybe, might I finally be fully understood?" I'm willing to take the risk.