Onchain Summer Beach Finds
The beach is literally full of treasures big and small. Just look around you and find the most beautiful things.
Imagine what you could find when looking closer!

The poem

Clams, cockles, / mussels, ensis. Tiny /crab leg. Pebbles polished by currents. / Cuttlebones and litter. / On the beach.

Mundanity x Poetry x AI Art

Everyday and everywhere, I look for poetry. And I tend to find it in the most mundane things you can imagine. What I like to do with the poems that are born this way, is to feed them to to an AI model, with up to 5 modifiers, to generate an image. This image I then used as the background for the poems, and as an inspiration for you to imagine a world filled with mundane beauty.
The poetry and the AI art also are an exploration in to prompt engineering.