Staycation in Weyauwega | Jared Madere
Staycation in Weyauwega (house matches the soup) is an ambient video loop that delves into leisure and persecution in private social space. It features a young woman enjoying a serene moment with a soup in her luxurious shelter, all the while aware of the threat of police intrusion and loss of freedom.

This work is created using custom AI models trained on makeup tutorials, street style photography, exotic fruit skins, and plush faux-Shibori tie-dyed quilts.

Jared Madere, an Artist, Curator, and AI Researcher, resides in Berlin and New York. His installations have been exhibited internationally at the Whitney Museum, Le Magasin, Amager Bakke, The Istanbul Biennial,The Watermill Center, and more. He has spoken on AI media synthesis at Art Basel Switzerland, Kulturværftets Copenhagen, and has published numerous essays on the subject. Madere is a co-founder of the NFT gallery Galerie Yeche Lange (