Based Ghouls - Dragon
At the corner of McDips, as the lights dimmed, life began to stir. Degen, a young man who appeared to be an ordinary fast-food worker, started his shift amidst the quiet of the night. However, Degen had a secret identity. By night, he was a hero, battling ghouls and the fire god that roamed the dark streets of the city.

Degen worked the night shift while also serving as the city's protector. Every night, he encountered ghouls and the fire god in the dark streets behind McDips. He was a skilled fighter, bravely fighting for the safety of humanity.

One night, the fire god launched an unexpected attack. As the streets were engulfed in flames, Degen sprang into action. He courageously confronted the fire god, determined to fight for the protection of the city's residents. After a long and arduous battle, Degen emerged victorious, saving the city.

Degen, who appeared to be an ordinary young man working at McDips, was, in fact, a hero, the guardian of humanity. By night, he fought against