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Hybrid Merch Alpha Base Collection
Alpha Base Collection: A Limited Edition of Hybrid NFTs crafted by Hybrid Merch, celebrating the launch of Base 🔵 Layer 2 Mainnet at the Onchain Summer event.

I am excited to introduce the "Alpha Base Collection", my first-ever NFT collection, now available on the Base blockchain. I've spent months shaping the vision for my project, "Hybrid Merch", a unique platform bridging the digital and physical worlds. Our main goal is to offer a broad selection of hybrid products, available both as NFTs (Hybrid NFT) and their physical counterparts.

For now, enjoy this inaugural collection

And remember, with each Hybrid NFT, you can claim* the corresponding physical item.

"Ownership of this Hybrid NFT entitles the holder to claim the associated physical item, subject to a claim fee. However, auction winners (Hoodies) can claim without any additional fee."

Check Terms and conditions.

MINT Alpha Base Collection