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Counting Sheep by Daniel Hernandez
Mister G presents Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez is an Animator, Motion Designer and 3D Artist from Brazil.

In this piece, Daniel introduces us to Counting Sheep. We like to see as a representation of the counting sheep allegory in the NFT universe. So much shilling, FOMOing, FUDing, so many NFT projects that are simply just impossible to keep track of. Yet this is such a wonderful and admirable environment, bursting with creativity and possibilities. We love it. We live it.

But there comes a time where we need to just chill out and relax. Take the eyes off the screen for a bit, spend some IRL times alone and with our loved ones. And eventually go to bed. This NFT looks to represent this final stage, as a remembrance of the days that we talked about counting sheep as a meaning behind the winding down. Even if we did not actually count those, but the image is something that relates to that feeling.

The winding down. zzzzz

stay safe, take care of your loved ones