This is a special NFT sales, call the Fox NFT adventure collection prior to our game release. People who are able to purchase the Fox NFT will get a share of Foxtoken distribution, also they will be the first to play the game during the pre-release period minting 30 NFTs will grant you a share of 15% token distribution and claim two Foxgrades. FoxNFT is a collection of great NFTs created by some group of developers to bring back the hype and new vibe in the NFT space. Each FoxNFT will be able to duel in our P2E game and be staked to earn our native token for passive income. FoxNFT allow you to take part in Play to Earn (P2E) Fox Battles on mobile and PC as well as staking built into our game where your NFTs do not have to leave your wallet! Earn our native token and level up your earnings.