The God of Injustice
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This collection will feature avatars of the 108 heroes (based on each of their nicknames) of "Water Margin.""Water Margin" is based on the exploits of the outlaw Song Jiang and his 107 companions.These 108 rebel warriors, like Robin Hood's band, aimed to protect the impoverished and oppressed.Each artist will be given a short character description, a nickname, and a horoscope. The artists don't need to know the source material; they just need to create an avatar or a piece of artwork for each hero in their own style based on the limited information we provide.Each artwork will be created solely based on each hero's nickname.This also examines the loss of meaning that occurs in mass communication. From detailed Chinese originals to English translations, from English translations to short phrases, and finally to images.Mass communication produces semantic loss and adds meaning that was not there. This is going to be very interesting.