Crypt Social Club
80% minted
A millennia ago, a fabled ancient crypt was sealed. It was foretold to be the final resting place of thousands who had mysteriously perished, and were buried with their riches. Explorers, adventurers and wanderers searched for the foretold site in hopes of discovering the most legendary of treasures. Time passes until one day, a young shepherd boy stumbled across an entrance to the crypt deep within a mountain cave. However once inside the crypt, it became clear that he was not alone – at that moment the undead crypt skeletons and their treasure were unleashed upon the world!

Crypt Social Club is an artist-led NFT collection consisting of 9900 uniquely hand drawn skulls. Each NFT is algorithmically generated using a combination of over hundreds of different traits such as headwear, eyes, skins, tattoos and so much more!