Shinsei Galverse x Leisha - Star Guardian!
2% minted
A long awaited collaboration! Leisha, the artist behind Super Geisha, has created this stunning artwork reimagining one of the SG team’s Gal PFP collection in a fantastical new light.

Leisha’s artworks draw inspiration from manga, Asian culture, and everyday objects. For Star Guardian, Leisha has created a dreamy and surreal composition that captures the essence of the Galverse world, infused with her own unique artistic vision and perspective.

You can find more of Leisha’s work on her website:

We are super excited to have collaborated with Leisha on this project and expand the rich and vibrant world of Galverse with other amazing artists from web3 and beyond.

Free claim for Gal holders in the Galverse Vending Machine, then available to others for a limited time.