Skyline - SOZI, Ezra Hyte
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‘Skyline’ by SOZI and Ezra Hyte, tells a story of endurance, two worlds colliding and leaning on each other when everything feels like it’s falling apart.

~ No sky too dark, no water too deep
Could stand between you and me
Where the waves meet the light
A signal in the fire 
Will you meet me there?
In the skyline ~

Utility & Giveaways for Holders:

🏆 • Raffle for 1 Winner of a Signed and Framed Cover Art
🏆 • Raffle for 1 Winner of a 30 min One on One w/ SOZI & Ezra Hyte

🎫 • All Holders are invited to attend the “Skyline” Release Day Party in Los Angeles on May 2nd  
🌓 • All Holders will receive Allowlist & Exclusive Presale Pricing for future SOZI & Ezra Hyte drops
🌓 • Token Gated Access to Collectors Only Channel on SOZI Fam Discord
🌓 • Token Gated Access to Ezra Hyte’s Collectors Telegram 


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