The Hoodenza is a secret order of monks who lived for millennia in isolation and seclusion from the rest of the world, devoting their lives to their sacred study and practice . Only from whispers has anyone ever heard of the Hoodenza monks, their strict discipline, rigorous training, and unwavering devotion to their sacred science, living with single-pointed concentration on their purpose.

The origins of the Hoodenza are shrouded in mystery, with many legends and myths surrounding their creation. Some say that they were founded by a legendary monk who discovered the ancient teachings of a long-forgotten civilization. Others believe they were founded by a group of ether-spirits called The Immortals, who reside in the non-physical realms of being. And of course, there are some who don't believe the Hoodenza even exist at all.

It is said that all present day knowledge is fragmented from one source, and that it was the Hoodenza who are the true record keepers of the fates and history of humanity. The Hoodenza watched from afar, the rise and fall of countless empires, dedicating their lives only to a single purpose: to protect and preserve the universal energy field known as "The Breath of Life", which is responsible for all activity in the field of matter. The only times in the history of mankind that anyone has ever seen or heard of the Hoodenza, is when there is a major disturbance in the Breath of Life.